Being Visible


Happy New Year!

Sorry for the delay in posting, I have been poorly with shingles since the beginning of December! Fortunately, I am feeling much better as we welcome in the New Year.

Quite a few weeks ago the ’23 Things’ course set us a new task: to explore the professional networks, LinkedIn,, and ResearchGate.

Before this task, I had not considered LinkedIn as a good option for expanding my network and promoting my research. With a more open mind, I began exploring LinkedIn and unfortunately reaffirmed my decision that it wasn’t for me. While I can see that the site has some useful features, it is simply not suited to my needs as my search for academics in my field came up short.

I am however, as previously mentioned in this blog, a frequent user of and am able to follow a number of academics whose work speaks to my own. The main thing that I like most about the site is the ability to share and read research. As a PhD student, having a space to promote my ideas and create a presence has been very useful and rewarding. While I am still happy with on the whole, I am aware of the numerous criticisms of the direction that the site was moving in, with a system that would mean paying for visibility – see the #DeleteAcademiaEdu on Twitter and Inside Higher Ed’s summary of the controversy. Since the event, has dismissed the idea and I hope that the site does not go down this route in the future.

As for ResearchGate, if I am being entirely honest, I completely forgot that I had created a profile until this course began! And whereas I monitor my page, I have a lot of work to do to update and make the most out my ResearchGate profile and this particular network. It is therefore one of my New Year’s resolutions to update my profile and take advantage of the features ResearchGate provides.
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