A Whole Bunch of ‘Things’

British Library MS Burney 275 f. 293.  

Apologies for the delay in posting; as my submission date looms ever closer I have found less and less time to devote to this blog and have instead contented myself by jotting down ideas for future posts.

The next group of ‘Things’ (17, 18, 19, and 20) are particularly intriguing as they focus on ways to collaborate and digitally share materials.

It is so easy to isolate yourself when you are in the midst of researching or writing. Being able to spend more time engaging with other people about your research or collaborating is therefore something that I find attractive.

I was unaware that the University of Surrey subscribed to adobeconnect. It would have been an especially useful tool on the few occasions where I have had to miss research seminars or PGR workshops. I can also see that it would be a useful tool when collaborating on a project; I am quite adept at using Google Drive, Dropbox, and Doodle polls but the ability to easily brainstorm or share materials in this way would be a great addition to my digital arsenal.

Interestingly I tend to use Google Drive primarily in teaching but am mainly collaborating on projects via Dropbox. I am not sure why I have made this distinction but it could potentially be an assumption (perhaps incorrect) that students easily navigate google already.

Moving forward I hope to further explore the ‘Things’ this course has introduced me to and incorporate more digital tools into both my teaching and research projects. As part of this development, I also want to continue to build this blog and make it a key feature of my professional profile. I hope to include more information about myself such as my CV and research projects.

As I come towards the end of my PhD, I am excited about my future in academia and hope that this blog will continue to grow as I embark on that journey.


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