Sharing Media

[I]t wasn’t much good having anything exciting like floods, if you couldn’t share them with somebody

A. A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

This week’s ‘Things’ are all about making and sharing media, something that has been on my mind for quite some time, as I have contemplated uploading content relating to my research to YouTube.

Being able to share materials relating to both research and teaching on digital platforms is invaluable as it allows audiences to take their time to digest the information and provides an opportunity for further engagement with the material. As Piglet’s thoughts in the epigraph emphasises, the act of sharing enriches an experience and this is especially true with regards to research.

By exploring the sites and tools listed by the ’23 Things’ blog I hoped to find a fun way to present ideas and was particularly impressed with Screencast-o-matic as it was available for free and was easy to use and navigate. While I have not included an example here, it is certainly something that I hope to use in the future, especially in my teaching.

I also think that uploading presentation of lecture/seminar slides is a really useful component of teaching and enjoyed browsing through Slideshare.

Finally, I have included below a link to my first ever Prezi presentation. I created it for my first conference paper at the MEMSA conference at Durham but sadly had to use a PowerPoint instead due to issues with the internet connection.


I think that Prezis provide a great alternative to PowerPoint slides as they are engaging and visually interesting. I am always pleased when my students choose to utilise this way of presenting and am hoping to use them more frequently myself.



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